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We use innovative and modern construction & Remediation methods, to ensure that we minimise costs and disruption for our client’s projects. Our approach combines our key services such as design consultancy, bridge fabrication facilities, specialist piling, ground engineering, and our privately-owned plant and equipment. This approach makes us uniquely placed to self-deliver bridge projects safely and successfully for our clients and stakeholders. 


What we do 

Our expertise includes the repair of existing bridge structures; reconstruction of bridges; road overbridges; access to footbridges; and bridge fabrication, including trial bridge erections and installation of temporary service and pedestrian bridges.

We also have a proven track record of site surveying including Under-Bridge Unit (UBU), ground investigation and coring, as well as major lifting capabilities such as mobile cranes, crawler cranes and barge-scaffolding system.

What makes us different

Our dedicated bridge work team is composed of structural engineers, draftsmen, workshop managers, project managers & highly experienced technicians. We ensure that learning is continuously improved after each project is completed, enabling us to increasingly develop efficient solutions. It is this hands-on approach that distinguishes us within the industry.


Local Knowledge

AWS employs highly skilled and experienced staff and contractors. with some offering over 50 years’ experience in the industry, which enables us to have the capability, motivation, experience and resources to meet all expectations in a wide variety of industry 


Australia Wide​

Operating on a national level, we are one of the leading construction companies in Australia . Our reputation is driven by delivering high quality, on-time and cost effective projects. However, we see each engagement as a new opportunity to grow and improve.  


20,000+ Projects​

Quality customer service is an essential factor to the way in which AWS operates. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing outstanding customer service and strive to provide service which exceeds the quality expected by our clients. 


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